“Council can’t hazard a guess” about Ely Junction funding

We submitted a question to the Cambridgeshire County Council meeting on 17 October, asking for details of what promises have actually been made about funding for the Ely Junction upgrade, following Rishi Sunaks speech announcing the cancellation of the northern part of HS2

In his speech he mentioned that this would release “£6.5 billion for the rest of the country”, including “transforming Ely Junction” “ensuring the delivery of road schemes” and spending “billions to fix potholes”

We are nervous that the vast majority of the money will go towards roads and potholes, which just the odd token amount spent on the low carbon infrastructure projects that we really need … of which the upgrade to Ely Junction is one.

We were really disappointed to hear at the County Council Meeting from Cllr Alex Beckett that they are still waiting to hear any details about what funding will be on offer, and that they can’t even hazard a guess about when they will hear.

You can watch it on the County Council youtube channel. Our question is the second public question, about 15minutes after the start.