National Net Zero Campaign

Local Support for a National Campaign

Local Support for a National Campaign

If the wider Cambridge Region is to become carbon neutral by the mid 2030s, we will need to work hard locally, but we will also need supportive action from the UK Government. We are therefore proud to be a  member of  The Climate Coalition’s  and are actively supporting their national campaign for the UK Government to accelerate decarbonisation

2020: Mass Virtual Lobby calling for a Green Recovery from Covid-19

2019: Mass Lobby calling for an acceleration of action to meet the new net zero target date

We helped convene a group of about 40 of Daniel Zeichners Cambridge constituents to lobby him as part of TheTimeIsNow mass lobby on 30 June 2019

A few days before, the campaign achieved an important success:  A legally binding equirement for the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050 was passed into law on 27 June 2019

2018: Adopt a legally binding net-zero greenhouse gas target to be reached before 2050.

To achieve national net zero, we called for progress in key four areas in 2018.

  • Buildings: Bring back the “zero carbon 2016” standard for new homes, and extend it to all buildings by 2020
  • Transport: Accelerate the phase out of petrol and diesel cars and vans, by bringing forward the national deadline from 2040 to 2030
  • Power: Provide a route to market for the cheapest low carbon power sources – onshore wind and solar.
  • Land: Set a target in the Agriculture Bill to secure net zero emissions from UK agriculture by 2050 at latest, with interim targets and milestone.

In partnership with other local organisations and individuals, we are working with the Combined Authority region’s MPs to try to engage their support for these measures. These MPs are:

  • Heidi Allen MP: South Cambridgeshire [C]
  • Stephen Barclay: North East Cambridge [C]
  • Jonathan Djanogly MP Huntingdon [C]
  • Lucy Frazer MP: South East Cambridgeshire. [C]
  • Fiona Oluyinka Onasanya MP: Peterborough [L]
  • Shailesh Vara MP: North West Cambridgeshire [C]
  • Daniel Zeichner MP: Cambridge [L]

Daniel Zeichner MP and Heidi Allen MP both signed the letter here  , but sadly the others did not.