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Short report, summarising “What is Cambridge City Council doing for Climate and the Environment” January 2022.

Response to “Making Connections” consultation on a Sustainable Travel Zone for Cambridge. We strongly support this, and are suggesting a few improvements. December 2022

Response to Anglian Water consultation on the proposed Fenland Reservoir near Chatteris. We support this, but as the carbon emissions in construction and operation will be very significant, we are proposing various measure to reduce the impact. December 2022

Response to Barton Greenway consulation. We strongly support the overall scheme, but propose a few detailed improvements to the Grantchester Road/ Driftway junction, Barton Road trees, M11 Northbound junction. December 2022

Response to consultation on conversion of Grafton Centre to Labs. We’re calling for it to become and exemplar low carbon site, well insulated, lots of PV, secure storage and charging for e-bikes, and food and household shopping. November 2022

Greater Cambridge Decarbonisation Report: assessing progress 2015-2020. November 2022

Consultation response to Net Zero Review. October 2022

Consultation response to Local Transport Connectivity Plan, August 2022

Download our report Subsidy Free Solar: a guide to some recommended options in Greater Cambridge. July 2022

Download the background to our response to the Sunnica Solar Farm Consultation which we have OPPOSED. The document includes lots of links to useful references on how to design GOOD “dual use” schemes, for example combining energy production with agriculture or biodiversity. March 2022

Consultation response to Sunnica solar farm. March 2022

Download our response to the consultation on the Greater Cambridge Draft Local Plan, together with instructions about how to navigate their complicated system. Dec 2021

Download our leaflet and help defend the Zero Carbon homes policy in the draft Greater Cambridge Local Plan Nov 2021

Download our report: “Better Homes for All: Why it’s a no brainer to upgrade 99% of homes to at least EPC C by 2035”. Oct 2021, updated July 2022

In this 4 minute film Cambridgeshire farmers, Tom Mead, Charles Shropshire and Martin Lines discuss how their regenerative farming practises are improving biodiversity, productivity and the quality of their own lives. Watch the film here

In this 6 minute film, Cambridgeshire farmers David White and Charles Shropshire explain how they’re improving the quality of their soils by using regenerative no-till farming methods. April 2021. Watch the film here

In this 3 minute film, Cambridgeshire farmers, Martin Lines, Matt Redman and David White, explain how moving to regenerative no-till farming methods is reducing their costs. April 2021. Watch the film here

Our inspiring 38 minute film “From the ground up” shares the experience of five commercial farmers from the Cambridgeshire region on how they are adapting their farming practices to help cut carbon and double nature February 2021

Read more and watch the film here

Dynamic “heatmaps” and “postcode maps” of homes with poor/very poor roof insulation or uninsulated/partially insulated cavity walls available here for Cambridge City, South Cambs, Fenland, East Cambs, Huntingdonshire and Peterborough. Oct 2020

Hot Numbers. Our analyis of EPC data, giving an overview of Home Energy Upgrade opportunities in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority, and comparing process against the target of 99% of homes with EPC C or above by 2035. Oct 2020

A summary report showing areas of poor roof insulation and the rather different areas of poor cavity wall insulation in the towns of Cambridge, Peterborough, Huntingdon and Ely. Oct 2020

Response to consultation on Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Works relocation. September 2020

Net Zero or Not Zero? : A guide to Greenwash, June 2020

Response to Cambridgeshire County Council Climate Strategy consultation. January 2020

Proposal for creating Simoco Woodland Park. This work is now being followed-up by a new organisation: Friends of Logan’s Meadow. December 2019:

EPC Data for Greater Cambridge. This page shows the rented homes with an EPC of F or G. Since April 2020 these may not be let without registering for an exemption and investing £3.5K in efficiency improvements. October 2019

CNC Response to Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority’s consultation on the Local Transport Plan. September 2019

Report on the findings and recommendations from the Zero Carbon Futures Symposium. August 2019

Report on Carbon Emissions in Greater Cambridge 2005-2017

Presentation to the Climate and Environment Advisory Committee of South Cambridge District Council on the findings from the Zero Carbon Futures Symposium. 8 July 2019

Carbon Neutral Cambridge Annual Report and Accounts for FY18/19 July 2019

Where did Cambridge City Council election candidates stand on the issue of climate change in 2019? To help voters have a better understanding of their views, you can view their responses to our climate change questionnaire. April 2019

Total CO2 emissions: This page shows the change in production-based CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions for the constituent parts of the Combined Authority from 2005-2017. December 2018

Emissions by sector: This page shows how emissions by three major categories – Industry & Commercial, Domestic and Transport – have changed from 2005 to 2017. November 2018

Where did the candidates in the Soham North and Isleham by-Election in 2018 stand on the issue of climate change? To help voters have a better understanding of their views, you can view their responses to our climate change questionnaire. October 2018

A brief presentation for South Cambs District Council on the implications of the IPCC’s report on the importance and feasibility of limiting the global temperature rise to 1.5C. October 2018

SCDC IPCC Presentation Download

Where did the candidates in the 2018 Cambridge by-Election, Petersfield Ward stand on the issue of climate change? To help voters have a better understanding of their views, you can view their responses to our climate change questionnaire. September 2018