Global Problem; Local Solution

Our Problem

Greenhouse gases are putting a blanket around our planet causing it to warm rapidly. Glaciers are melting, sea level is rising and extreme weather events are becoming more severe and common.

Our deadline

We don’t have much time on this. At present rates of global emissions the IPCC carbon budget for <2°C will be exceeded in less than two decades.

Our idea

We want to accelerate the Cambridge region’s transition to becoming carbon neutral by highlighting best practice, galvanising public opinion and putting pressure on policymakers to take more bold and urgent action.

What else we get

Some Side Effects

More Beautiful Towns & Cities

Carbon neutral regions will have enhanced public transport, fewer cars, and adequate safe space for pedestrians, cyclists and for disabled people.  Additional space will be given over to flourishing, accessible, green areas for nature.

Fairer Society

Cambridge is currently the most unequal city in the UK and some other parts of the Combined Authority suffer from high levels of deprivation. Progressing the region towards  carbon neutrality would greatly reduce fuel poverty, provide more affordable means of transport and offer long-term employment prospects.

Healthier Population

Poor air quality and inadequate opportunities to exercise safely are causing chronic illnesses and adding to the burden on our NHS. A carbon neutral region will offer enhanced opportunities to walk and cycle safely and to breathe cleaner air.

Our Vision

" That by the 2030s the Cambridge region will have transitioned to a healthier, more beautiful and more equitable region with abundant employment opportunities within a carbon neutral economy "

(For greater detail of our Vision please see the downloadable CNC Vision in Detail (PDF))