About Us

Carbon Neutral Cambridge is a not-for-profit community based organisation, focussed on accelerating the transition to fair and healthy carbon neutrality within the Greater Cambridge region.

We have a vision that by the 2030s the Cambridge region will have become a healthier, more beautiful and more equitable region with abundant employment opportunities within a carbon neutral economy.

Our approach is to provide well informed support for those trying to do the right thing, while challenging greenwash and inaction.

This includes undertaking research and advocacy in areas of interest to our volunteers; producing and disseminating articles and reports; and designing and running influential events and training sessions.  We work with local councils, business professionals, academia, charities and community groups.

We also help organise and mobilise local support for The Climate Coalition’s national campaigns on accelerating the transition to Net Zero Carbon.

Carbon Neutral Cambridge was founded in 2017. We are an unincorporated association governed by a Constitution, organised by our Committee. We are non-party political and run entirely by volunteers, so if you would like to help please Contact Us

Annual Reports

Our Geographical Focus

We are based in Cambridge and focus on the governance of the wider Cambridge Region. This has a ridiculously complicated structure, so we engage with the following bodies: