Anne Miller (Chair): Anne is an expert in innovation and creativity, with over 35 years practical experience in technological innovation, organisational change and sustainability. She says

I have been concerned about climate change since I was a student. I was very pleased to have been asked to be Chair of Carbon Neutral Cambridge, because I see a real opportunity to help accelerate the local transition to a low carbon economy. The threat from Climate Change is stark, and we’re moving nowhere near fast enough. But we know what to do, and by doing it we can make life better for all .

Hilary Seaward (Treasurer): Hilary is a freelance chartered accountant working primarily with charities, and a part time therapist. She says

”It’s my generation which has buggered up the planet.  I feel I need to try to do something, however small, to make amends for my children and their generations sake”

James Smith : James is a GP and public health doctor. He says

I work to protect and improve health by working as a local  general practitioner, teaching  public health, and by supporting action to address climate change. I am motivated by the desire to create a better, healthier, fairer world for everyone

Claire Mackenzie: Claire has a professional background in event organising, production management and as a hands-on therapist. She says

My interest in environmental issues dates back to my university days studying politics and since then I have volunteered and have helped run various projects including an e-zine called Wasteminster, Ealing Transition projects (included starting a veg box scheme), volunteered with Cambridge Carbon Footprint and set up a local Repair Cafe. This has led to the formation of Barrington Eco group.  As a mum of 3 boys I am passionate about protecting their future”

Richard Townley: Richard is a retired planner, and very active in a variety of charitable and community organisations, including the enhancement of a nature reserve on land his family owns in Fulbourn. He says…

“As a town and country planner I was closely concerned with environmental matters on a daily basis. In my last appointment in Dorset I was responsible for the Countryside Service including the Heritage Coast as it was becoming a World Heritage Site. Since retirement I have developed further my deep interest in the natural environment and the local implications of the changing climate. Particular concern most recently has been the drying up of the chalk streams, impacted both by climate change and the over abstraction of water from the underlying chalk aquifer

Dr Isabela Butnar: Isabela is a Senior Research Associate at the Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources, University College London. She has wide experience in modelling environmental impacts and green house gas emissions.