AGM 2022

Our key note speaker: Richard Hales, is Energy & Sustainability Manager at Cambridge University NHS Foundation Hospital Trust, i.e Addenbrookes Hospital

Carbon Neutral Cambridge’s 2022 AGM, was held online at 12-1pm on Monday 17th October.

Video of Richard Hales’ talk available below

Here is the recording of the formal AGM

Following a brief formal AGM, our speaker, Richard Hales shared Cambridge University Hospital Trust’s new “Green Plan” for rapid decarbonisation and discuss ways in which they can collaborate with the wider community to help decarbonisation.

Impressively, this Green Plan aims to reduce emissions by 10% a year, and halve them by 2032. It doesn’t just include reducing emissions from the Trust’s direct fuel use, but also includes indirect “scope 3” emissions, for example from staff and patients travelling to the hospital, and from purchases ranging from food to medical equipment. They are also paying attention to the “embodied” carbon involved in manufacturing the items. This makes this a much more challenging target than some of the “greenwash” net zero targets that are out there.

He shared some of the surprising and inspiring stories about the ways they’re finding to cut emissions, and in many cases save money too.

He, and we, are also particularly interested to explore ways in which Addenbrookes can collaborate with others in the local community, in order to help accelerate wider decarbonisation.