EPC data for Greater Cambridge

There is a little known regulation that sets a Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) for rented homes, based on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. This has applied since April 2018 to new tenancies, but since April 2020, no home with an EPC rating of F or G can be let, even to an existing tenant, unless the landlord has registered with the council for an exemption and has spent £3500 trying to improve the energy efficiency.

This map shows all Greater Cambridge EPC F&G rented homes, as registered on the openepcdataset in September 2019. Red blobs are EPC G, blue blobs EPC F.  Both EPC F &G are dreadful, so we want landlords to upgrade all of these to EPC E, unless they have an exemption. We want letting agents to require their landlords to do this. We want our councils to actively use their powers to enforce this.

This upgrade can often be done quite simple and inexpensively. For example, by improving loft insulation, installing low energy lighting or properly insulating the hot water tank.

Click on the blob to see  a summary of the EPC data on the property. If you are a landlord or tenant, this can help understand what needs to be done to improve the EPC. Note that for privacy reasons, we’ve removed the address data (except for the postcode).  However, householders and researchers can also register individually at openepcdataset and then see the full data on each property

Key: Red blobs are rented EPC G, blue blobs rented EPC F.