Decarbonising the new Greater Cambridge Local Plan

In summer 2019 Greater Cambridge is currently in the early stages of developing a new Greater Cambridge Local Plan, identifying the issues and options to be considered, before the first formal public consultation in Autumn 2019.

This process is important, because the Local Plan will guide development for around a decade, and it sets the rules that developers have to follow (at least in theory)

This link shares an excellent summary by the charity Sustain, explaining  of the process of making a Local Plan and how community minded people can get involved. Sustain’s summary focusses on food production, but will also be useful for people wanting to contribute ideas for other ways in which the Local Plan can help the council meet its target of reducing carbon emissions to net zero by no later than 2050.

We think the new Greater Cambridge Local Plan should clearly require all new homes to be zero carbon, for example by adopting the Zero Carbon Standard used by London and Reading councils.