Invitation to tender for energy efficiency retrofits

We’ve just been informed that BEIS have issued an Invitation to Tender for increasing the rate of energy efficiency retrofits.  They’re offering up to £365K/ organisation. Bid deadline 10 Sept 2018.

We know of a few groups that would be interested to participate in a consortium to deliver this, so if you’re interested, do let us know asap and we’ll put you in touch.

Beis say

As part of the wider programme of work to improve the energy performance of owner-occupied and privately rented properties, BEIS is seeking to launch pilots to test up to five different approaches for increasing the rates of energy efficiency improvements in non-fuel poor homes, particularly alongside renovation work, by providing support for local supply chain integration and project coordination.”

You can download some briefing documents here

OJEU ITT Retrofit Supply Chain

20180212_BEIS Supplier day slides