Mass online lobby of Daniel Zeichner on Fairer Greener Recovery

In what we think is the largest ever group to meet with a single MP, 139 constituents met online with Daniel Zeichner MP on 30th June 2020 to call for a fairer greener recovery.

As one participant said “This is a great way to interact with our MP. I hope this can be done more often!”

Here is a recording of the proceedings

Here is an approximate index of the contents

  • 0.00 Introduction
  • 0:14 Q1: Mill Road traffic reduction. Q2 motivating transport modal shift
  • 0:22 Q3 Food security Q4 Access to Green Spaces
  • 0:31 Q5 HS2 Q6 Is Labour backtracking on Carbon Reduction
  • 0:42 Q7 &8 Growth, degrowth and inequality
  • 0:51 Q9 Preserving Office of Environmental Protection, Q9 Tourism
  • 0:59 Close and thanks

Daniel commited to fighting for the Environment Bill’s Office of Environmental Protection and other nature-protection policies to be defendedĀ as we go through the economic recovery

He said aftewards:

People are saying Cambridge had the biggest zoom lobby and if that is the case, then I’m not surprised as people in our city care deeply about the climate emergency

One thing I took away from the meeting is how the coronavirus crisis has shone a light on food resilience and the need for shorter supply chains. I’m also passionate about making sure that we don’t return to crippling pre-pandemic Cambridge congestion. At the start of the year when we had the terrible Australian wild fires, that is what I thought 2020 would be remembered for, of course that turned out not to be the case. But we cannot afford to take our eye off the ball, here in Cambridgeshire we saw one of the driest Springs on record and there is a danger of precious chalk spings drying up again. It is clear that part of the way to rebuild from coronavirus is to invest in a zero-carbon revolution, so we build back better and meet and exceed our environmental commitments.”