Respond now to the draft Local Plan

The consultation on the Greater Cambridge Local Plan has started, and its important for those that care about our community and environment to respond, because it will guide & control development in Cambridge & South Cambridgeshire until 2041. It includes both good and bad proposals

Help defend the ZERO CARBON NEW HOMES policy

The draft Local Plan includes an excellent Net Zero Carbon policy for all new homes

  • Homes so energy efficient, they will be nearly free to heat.
  • Each home generating as much renewable electricity as it uses.
    Responsible developers have shown that this can be done cheaply, but
    powerful forces are trying to kill it off.

Help us defend this policy.


The Local Plan is aiming for 44,000 new homes. We need more affordable
homes for people that live, work & study here, but this is too many!

  • We should not be concreting over the countryside, depleting our precious
    chalk streams & increasing carbon emissions for the benefit of
    foreign property speculators & local land owners
  • Greater Cambridge is already economically overheated and environmentally
  • 44,000 is 20% more than central Government’s required minimum.

Join us in responding, & help build a low carbon future

To respond to the consultation, use this link to get to the quick consultation, which has a few leading questions about the locations and types of houses, but no option to comment on other aspects

Its ridiculously unclear, but to comment on other aspects of the local plan and specific policies, here’s what you do

  1. Go to this page and select the “theme” you want to comment on.  Eg climate change
  2. Scroll down the page to near the bottom, until you get to the “tell us what you think” section.  Ignore the + button on its right, but click on the blue speech bubble on the left
  3. Log in, or create an account and then login.
  4. Then you can add your comments and/or upload a document.

To find out more & access links to the detail of the draft Local Plan’s proposed policies relating to climate change and net zero carbon new homes, see our earlier blog posting, or the links below

Explore the climate change “theme”of the Local Plan here

The following policy areas have been identified under this theme: 

Explore biodiversity and Green Infrastructure proposals here