Response to Anthony Browne

It’s good to see that Anthony Browne MP pointing out in his opinion piece in the Cambridge Independent on 31/1/24 that tacking climate change is “arguably the most important challenge that humanity faces”, but in trumpeting the successes of the Conservative Government there are a few facts he’s omitted to mention.

Far from giving “certainty” to the industry, recent Conservative backsliding is frustrating Industry. For example, Sunak recently delayed the target date for all new car sales to be eV’s from 2030-2035 and eV sales are slowing.

The 2008 Climate Act, was indeed an achievement, but of Gorden Brown’s Labour government, achieved with overwhelming cross party agreement, following years of pressure from NGOs and the public.  The Libdem/Tory coalition from 2010-15 made progress on decarbonisation, however, the current Conservative government is shockingly backsliding, delaying action and whipping up division apparently to appease its extremist fringe. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is warning, increasingly strongly that “there is a significant delivery gap” in meeting the 2030 targets.  Is it a coincidence that both the Chair and CEO of the CCC have recently resigned, and the Government has so far failed to appoint their successors?

Finally, he’s advocating for flying using 10% Sustainable Aviation Fuel, made from waste and used cooking oil. However even the aviation industry is deeply sceptical about whether there will ever be sufficient feedstocks available.

As flying is one of the highest carbon things we do, it’s much better just to fly less.

To explore your options for exciting alternatives to flying, come to the event organised by FlightFree UK, 6:45pm Thurs 29 Feb on “Travel, Flying and the climate crisis” (this is a hybrid event, online and in-person at The Signal Box, Cambridge)