Subsidy Free Solar

We are pleased to be helping widen access to subsidy-free solar on commercial and community buildings, in order to help reduce energy costs and cut carbon emissions in Greater Cambridge. This scheme will be particularly useful for those that can’t already afford to install solar panels on their buildings.

In this exciting new approach to subsidy-free solar, the panels are installed for free by BigSolar.Coop, which then sells power to the building occupier at a rate that’s guaranteed to be less than their rate for grid electricity. 

A key to the project’s success is that community groups such as Carbon Neutral Cambridge help identify suitable sites and find interested building owners/occupiers. The project is also supported by Sharenergy. This helps make the scheme financially viable despite the ending of subsidies.

The most suitable local buildings are likely to be those with an unshaded roof area of over 300m2 (ie tennis court sized) that face south, east or west; ideally pitched roof; where 50% of the power will be used within the building or nearby.

Likely local possibilities include:

Care homes/ hospices;
Large refrigeration usage;
Hospitals and community healthcare;
Food production sites;
Laboratories and manufacturing sites
Some agricultural operations;
Data centres.

If you think you may have, or know of, a suitable site, please let us know by emailing

We’re happy to help building owners or occupiers assess the potential, whether you think you want to use BigSolar, or expect to fund and own the panels yourself. You can also contact direct here

Download our new report  “Subsidy Free Solar: a guide to some recommended options