OxCamArc consultation response

The consultation on the OxCamArc finishes on Tuesday 12 October 2021. We urge anyone concerned about its impact on our region to respond to the official consulation here:

You do not need to respond to all the questions, so responding to the official consultation need not take long. In case its useful, you can see below the responses we submitted. You may of course have other issues you wish to respond on too.

Do also respond to the StoptheArc survey here

What is your positive vision for the Arc in the future?

What is your positive vision for the Arc in the future?

1. What kind of place could it be? What words come to mind? (select from list)

Sustainable; Sense of community; Equal / Inclusive; Better environment; Eco-friendly

2.If you can, we would love you to tell us more about your vision for the Arc to 2050. (max 500 characters)

A genuinely UK leading ZERO CARBON region. The statement in para 1.57 of the sustainability annex, is ridiculously inadequate. Development is only acceptable if it incorporates the national NPPF requirement to be in line with the requirements of the Climate Act. All new homes must be net zero carbon, in construction, operation and disposal. No fossil fuel heating. Water use 60lpp/day All new homes to be within 15mins by bike or on foot of services.

Climate change resilience and net zero

1. Thinking about your vision for the area, how important is it that the Spatial Framework focusses on Making sure new development helps to achieve net zero carbon at an Arc level towards national net zero targets. For example, through good design, sustainable travel choices, renewable energy and trapping carbon

Very important

2. Making sure that new development can respond to the current and future effects of climate change. For example, through new carbon emissions, water use, waste disposal and renewable energy targets

Very important

3. Anything else to add about your vision for climate change and/or the contribution to net zero? Max 500 characters

Must require UK leading standards of energy efficiency, embodied carbon and water use in all new domestic and commercial buildings. These should be NO LESS than those implemented or proposed in any Local Plan in the whole OxCamArc region. Must not weaken the environmental and carbon standards specified in any approved or draft Local Plan.